• Attend all Saturday CityLab sessions (three per quarter).

  • Attend the Tuesday evening meetings held during the week of the session (three per quarter)

  • Teach a didactic "station" in the classroom, at least once throughout the quarter (in a small group). Depending upon the module being used at the Saturday session, these will vary in topic, and will be assigned prior to the session.

  • Act as a Member during the labs. All students will be Members during the session, whether they are teaching a module or not. Usually, each Member will be assigned to 3-4 students, whom they will help run the lab for that day.

  • There will also be other smaller assignments throughout the quarter, for which enrolled students will be responsible. These will be explained in further detail at the  Member orientation session.


Letter grade only, based on timely attendance and session performance. Each session missed will result in the reduction of one full letter grade. Enrolled students will be graded on their effort and participation during the Saturday session stations, and there will be criteria upon which grading is based. These will be explained and discussed at a later Member orientation session.